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SR Dinnerware one of the most popular brand in catering and hotelware crockery, SR Dinnerware manufacturing MELAMINE and PLASTIC crockery in INDIA Since 1998 with 2 manufacturing plants with area 1 lac sq. feet,SR Dinnerware made stylish & unique dinner plates with exotic designs made with 100% melamine food grade materials and plastic crockery made with 100% virgin materials, YOUR PASSION IS OUR SATISFACTION that's why we customize dinnerplates as per customers requirement.

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The reason we stay loyal to brand is because of their value the best brand strive to combine physical and logical elements into one exceptional customer experience that we value as much as they do.

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Our vision is to create a serve better every-day by day.

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Industry Forum specialises in improving the competitiveness of manufacturers. Our unique order winning philosophy helps companies to understand their basis of competition using six dimensions of competitiveness: Quality, Cost, Delivery, Flexibility, Products,Technology and Customer Experience.
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